World Class Coverage Plan Designed for Virginia Commonwealth University – Business Travel

Blanket Coverage Policy

Policy #: 

23 CC008496-BL-ENR

Eligibility: All business travelers, including faculty and staff who are abroad for conference, meetings, symposiums, or other categories that VCU has determined fall outside of the study abroad travel policy are automatically covered under the Blanket Coverage for travel outside of the United States.

This policy provides coverage for Medical Evacuation, Repatriation, Security Evacuation, and Emergency Medical Reunion.

Note: When registering, after you put in your coverage dates and go to the next screen, it will show up as $0.00 since this has already been paid by VCU.

Blanket Coverage Schedule of Benefits:

Coverages and Services Maximum Limits
Emergency Medical Reunion (incl. hotel/meals, max $300/day) $10,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation $250,000
Repatriation/Return of Mortal Remains $100,000
Security Evacuation (Comprehensive) $250,000 ($1M Aggregate)

Medical Option Policy

Policy #: 23 CC008496-MED OPT

If you’d also like to purchase Accident/Sickness Coverage for your travel abroad, please use the following self-enrollment link:

Daily Rate: $1.59 for any travel departing prior to 7/1/2023.

Daily Rate: $1.80 for any travel departing 7/1/2023 or later.

Medical Option Coverage Schedule of Benefits:

(for additional plan details, see the Medical Opt Brochure posted on the left sidebar)
Coverages and Services Maximum Limits
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Per Insured Person $20,000
Medical expenses (per Covered Accident or Sickness):
Deductible zero
Benefit Maximum $500,000 at 100%
Extension of Benefits 30 days
Home Country Coverage Limit $10,000
Trip Delay $5,000
Trip Interruption $1,000