University of Houston - Clear Lake Education Abroad and Scholar Services

Policy Number

#GLM N14301628


24/7 Emergency
Assistance – Team Assist
(inside the U.S.)
+1 855-327-1411
(call collect from outside the U.S.)
+001 312-935-1703

Benefit or Claim
Contact CISI
(9AM-5PM EST Mon-Fri)
Phone: 1 203-399-5130
(toll-free) 800-303-8120

World Class Coverage Plan Designed for University of Houston - Clear Lake Education Abroad and Scholar Services

This plan is underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company.

Participant rates

Rates Participant(Student/Faculty/Staff)
1-Week $10.20
2-Week $20.40
3-Week $30.60
Thereafter, Monthly*
(*longer than 21 days, monthly rate applies)
Coverage Summary for Policy # GLM N14301628
Coverages & Services Maximum Limits
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Per Insured
Per Insured Person $15,000
Aggregate $1,000,000
Medical expenses (per Covered Accident or Sickness):
Deductible zero
Benefit Maximum $250,000 at 100%
Physiotherapy(if recommended by a physician & administered by licensed physiotherapist) 100% of covered expenses
Chiropractic Care/Therapeutic Services $500 overall
($50 per visit, up to 10 visits)
Dental Treatment (Injury Only):
Accidental Dental 100% of covered expenses
Emergency (Palliative Dental) $500 ($250 per tooth)
Prescription Drugs (Inpatient/Outpatient) 100% of covered expenses
Mental and Nervous:
Outpatient $10,000
Inpatient $20,000
Pre-existing Conditions $10,000 on primary basis,
thereafter up to $100,000 on a secondary basis
Maternity 100% of covered expenses
Alcohol/drug-related Injuries 100% of covered expenses
Motor Vehicle Accident 100% of covered expenses